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*YOU* Deserve Joy!

Our Divine Download for October 29, 2021 is Deserving from The Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards. Archangel Gabriel reminds us that "You, like all of God's children, deserve happiness, health, and love." The truth is that you deserve happiness in all of it's splendid forms. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that our birth rite is to be in joy - that is literally why we exist on this planet at this time. Where in your life have you accepted less than you deserve? Where do you maybe believe that others deserve, or are somehow more deserving than you? Because we are all one with the divine and all other creations of the universe, it is therefore impossible to exclude ourselves from the gifts that the universe constantly and continually bestows on everyone. It is unfortunately possible however for you to block yourself from receiving these gifts, or any gifts, if you are struggling with feelings of guilt or unworthiness. Call on your Angels, Heaven, the Universe, and ask for their help in order to help you forgive yourself for what you've done, or more than likely not done. Call on your Angels and your Guides to help you develop and have an honest and accurate perception of yourself and your true innate value. Healing occurs when you remember that you are a child of the divine and that you were perfectly and wonderfully created to live in and be in joy. This is your spiritual truth. Think of the Universe, or as God, as loving parents who only wants the absolutely best for their children because this is exactly what the Universe wants for you! And you truly deserve no less!

Sometimes our families of origin pass down messages that we are not deserving, or not the same or equal to the other creations of the universe, through our cellular memory, and our dna. These beliefs which don't truly belong to us and aren't truly about us and bind us and keep us from the full expression of and experience of the joy that we deserve. An Energetic Cord Cutting can free us from these beliefs without altering our relationship with our family of origin in any sort of negative way. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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