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You Deserve To Be Abundant

Our Divine Download for November 25, 2022 is Deservingness from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. You deserve abundance. #facts. How does that statement make you feel. If you feel energetic dissonance anywhere in your body, it could be that there is a lack of deservingness that is blocking the full manifestation of your abundance. Those who have already realized their abundance are no more worthy or deserving that you. In fact, they are no different from you whatsoever. The only difference is that they knew, they believed, they felt that they DID deserve to be abundance and that is when the energy of abundance showed up for them. You will be provided for. When you believe that it will be. You have not starved or died in your life yet, and this type of lack brought about by poverty consciousness is not in your future either. It is helpful to affirm that you deserve to receive abundance. But that affirmation will do you no good if you do not actually believe that to be true. Affirm that you are worthy of the same goodness and opportunities as everyone else as this can help dissipate feelings of undeservingness. Acknowledging the abundance that you already have and actively asking for what you need will realign your energy with respect to receiving blessings in your current life and situation. It is also helpful when you want to use your forthcoming abundance to help support other people and charitable causes. When you are excited about all of the good that you can do with your abundance, the universe matches your energy and brings you the ability to do just that. You are worthy! So receive!