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You're About To Get Moving

Our Divine Download for December 29, 2022 is Travel from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. The fairies tell us "An up-coming trip proves to be life-changing in positive ways." For some of us, this card will literally be about traveling or a trip that is either already scheduled or will come up for us soon. For others of us, it might not be such a literal meaning and may simply be about movement. But this is great news! This means that things are moving forward in our lives in a positive way! Hooray! This is positive movement. Forward movement. Life-changing movement. In the best possible ways. Where are you looking for movement in your life? What situations within your life can benefit from positive forward movement? Focus there. Focus on what these situations can look like with this positive movement. Focus on how you want these situations to move. Ask your guides and Angels for help. Tell your guides and your Angels what you want. It's okay for you to provide the universe a map to where you want to go. It's just not helpful for you to dictate exactly how and when you must get there (and it won't work anyway!) Be willing to travel by whatever means necessary in order to get things moving. Be willing to take whatever route you are guided to. Be willing to get up and move. It's going to happen anyway, it's going to be positive, and it's going to be amazing. You're about to get moving, so get up and meet the universe on your path.

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