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Your Best Practice

Our Divine Download for August 17, 2020 is Practice Makes Perfect brought to you by your Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Your Guardian Angel is gently guiding you to practice those things and habits that you may have been putting off practicing. Humans can be funny because when something is challenging for us, we will avoid it more often than we will accept the challenge. But, the challenge exists to be conquered and mastered and practice is the path of mastery. Sometimes if we cannot do something perfectly, we simply decide not to do it at all. Which makes exactly zero sense. We're not expected to be perfect, especially when something is new to us. Perfection doesn't exist. It's an ugly rumor. Rather than striving for perfection and allowing it to discourage you, strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Hint: you get to be the best version of yourself through practice. Most things that we do, most things that we wish to achieve, are all done through practice. Certain things we even refer to AS a practice: we practice mindfulness, we practice yoga, we practice Reiki, doctors practice medicine, etc. Practice implies that we are all works in progress. Practice implies that we are all on our paths towards our best practices and our best selves. Hint: we'll never actually achieve this in our live time because it's very much about the journey not the destination. Which practices of yours need tweaking or revamping? Which practices do you need to add to your life? Which practices are maybe not serving you right now? (you can always set them down and pick them up again later if something shifts and changes). Don't go through the motions and do things just because you're "supposed to" or because someone suggested it or said that you should. Practice discrimination about the things that you practice! Tune into your practices. Tune into your Guardian Angel and be open to the supportive suggestions that they may have about the things that you practice. Practice tuning into yourself to see what is working for you with your practices and what is not. It's time to tune up your practice and to practice those things which sustain you and support you as your strive to be the absolute best version of you possible.

When you're evaluating what to practice in your life and your're considering adjusting those things, it can be helpful to check in with your energy centers, with your chakras to see what they need in terms of support and balance with a Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading. Book a Session!


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