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Your Truth Shall Set You Free

Our Divine Download for October 9, 2023 is Saturn - Truth from the Black Moon Astrology Cards. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Time. Saturn deals with structure, discipline, and is the ultimate cosmic and karmic taskmaster. Saturn also rules Capricorn. When Saturn talks about truth, it isn't about simple everyday "the sky is blue, the grass is green" types of truths. It is the truth about your karmic nature and your karmic lessons. Have you embraced the truth of your karmic lessons? What are you doing to work on them? What are you willing to do? Saturn kinda gets a bum rap for being a super serious type of energy, and everyone dreads Saturn. But Saturn is all about teaching and learning. Saturn will give you as MANY opportunities to learn the truth of your karmic lessons as you need, but will become progressively more persistent about the way that he asks you to learn them. The first time it may just be a gentle, light tap on the shoulder with Saturn offering up circumstances and asking "hey, are you ready to learn this lesson?" The next time, that tap will be harder and more insistent. Then, Saturn will grow increasingly impatient and the taps will turn into proverbial pushes and shoves. Eventually, Saturn will run out of patience and pull the rug right out from under you with a set of circumstances that will ultimately force you to learn your lesson. So you always have a choice, free will choice, as to whether you choose to do it the easy way when Saturn whispers to you or the hard way when Saturn knocks you on your ass. You also have free will choice when it comes to whether or not you choose to learn your Saturn lessons in this leave time, or if you will simply allow the same set of circumstances to play out throughout your life time. Have you already experienced situations with patterns and similar themes? What lessons is Saturn trying to help you learn through these situations? Are you listening to Saturn's whispers to you? Are you willing to embrace your truth?

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