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What's better than a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading?  A Package of *FOUR* 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Sessions at *incredible* savings!  This package can be used any time and affords you the ability to check in with your Angels quarterly.   Packages are non-transferable.  Once purchased, contact Janelle directly to schedule your sessions.  


 Most initial readings are done using Angel Tarot Cards in a celtic cross spread to help give the client a visual frame of reference and something to focus on in order to gather their energy to make the session flow more smoothly. I am also receiving images, scenes, words, and guides - everything from animal, to angelic, to deceased loved ones as I am interpreting the cards. The purpose of this initial reading spread is to give us a general overview of what the Angels and your guides would like you to focus on right now, and they provide actions steps to help us know how to stay on task. Once the initial spread is complete, I will take questions, generic or specific, and usually answer those through energetic impression, information from guides etc. I will use the cards again if the client seems to need the imagery, reassurance, or to help them refocus their energy. These readings are integrative using multiple reading methods and quite comprehensive. I am not aware of anyone else who reads combining techniques in the manner that I do or provides homework in the way of spiritual action steps. Phone and Zoom Readings are available.


Special Note: If you would like to learn about my process for conducting an Angel Card Reading, please click on the "What's the Buzz" menu option above and you will find an audio blog where I answer the most commonly asked questions.

Four 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Sessions

$444.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
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