Healing Gemstone Astrology Jewelry wants you to celebrate your unique and individual astrology - by wearing it! You will receive your choice of Healing Astro Bracelet, Healing Astro Necklace, or a Set of Both, Your Birth Chart, and an Intuitive Astrology Report which allows you to better interpret your Astrology Chart.

Each Custom Astro Necklace and Bracelet are hand made by Intuitive Jewelry Designer Cat Massof, owner of Kitty Deluxe, using hand selected Reiki Infused Gemstone Beads based on your precise birth time, to represent each of the main planets and all of the zodiac signs where your planets reside in your own astrology chart.

Bracelets and Necklaces are designed with the planet and sign beads in order from the first through the twelfth houses.

Gemstone selections are based on the intuitive information received by Spiritual Medium Janelle L. Auch of Infinite Potential Healing and focus on healing, strengthening, and balancing any difficult, challenging, or afflicted planetary placements within your birth chart as highlighted in the accompanied personalized intuitive astrological report which will help you learn your own unique astrology!

Once orders are placed, you will receive your custom Healing Astro Gemstone Necklace in 7-10 business days. Available for shipping for an additional charge or local pick-up.

Healing Astro Jewelry: Bracelet