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Astrology affects us each and every day because the energies of the other planets in our solar system irradiates their energies down to us here on Earth.  It can be very empowering to learn, know, and work with your own astrology through your birth chart and subsequent interpretation.  My approach to astrology is to empower my clients and help them understand that certain transits and cycles aren’t their fault, aren’t completely outside of their own control or influence, and absolutely will not last forever.  I do this through intuitive birth chart interpretation reports.  I work with my guides and your guides to help focus on what the most pertinent and relevant parts of your birth chart are from placements to specific aspects and angles.  I focus heavily on polarity and elemental balance and placement because these are the easiest and quickest things to target for correction in order to bring balance to your life through your chart.  The Chart Interpretation is one service.  Running and comparing charts within families or for significant others is another service.  Follow up session to discuss the chart is a separate service/appointment.  I also offer one question chart interpretations to see how the current and upcoming transits are affecting a specific chart (i.e. is this a good time to try to sell my house?  When am I going to get a job? etc.)  These readings can be done via email, with the exception of a follow up discussion session.

Astrological Chart Readings

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