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As a certified Flower Therapy Healer, one of my favorite types of sessions is flower therapy healing!  I use fresh cut flowers, placing them on the physical body in specific locations, combing through the auric field with them, or delivering messages from our flower therapy guides.  These sessions are beautiful, relaxating, and quite deep.  They are a multi-sensory experience that provide thorough energetic grounding, clearing, and balancing.  

As a Double Reiki Grand Master Teacher with Grand Masterships in both Usui and Karuna Reiki, as well as Mariel Reiki certification, my Reiki sessions tend to be very thorough and quite comprehensive.  I utilize both Usui and Karuna symbols and techniques in order to best bring physical and energetic balance to the body and encourage it to stay in that balanced state as long as possible.  

Karuna Reiki Sessions use Chanting (Janelle will be chanting, you are not expected to do anything other than relax and receive!) along with hands-on Reiki, and of course the Flowers,  to take the Reiki Healing Energy to the next level and add some Vibrational Sound Therapy as well!  This power-packed combination promotes even deeper healing for more chronic or deep seated mental or emotionally based issues.  

These sessions are relaxing with you lying comfortably on a massage table with pillows, blankets, and bolsters as needed to ensure your comfort level.  I use my highly refined Reiki skills and my intuitive background to communicate with your body and allow your body to tell me what needs to be addressed and what it needs in order to do that.  

You can choose a passive session where you simply relax in a receptive state open to receive the healing energy, or an active session where I share the dialogue your body is sharing with me with you.  Typically those who choose active sessions experience more expedient results that tend to be longer lasting.  It is not uncommon in this type of work for deceased loved ones, ancestors, or guides to come through to share their wisdom with us as well.  

These sessions are ideal for those on-going life-long challenges that have plagued you, or anything that you want to release in a gentle, more passive way.  

These sessions are currently only available in person and do not have a remote offering option at this time.  

Flower Therapy Healing With Karuna Reiki

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