I don't know a single person who would state that 2020 was an easy year or a great year. It has been a pretty challenging start to our new decade. So let's say good-bye to 2020 and all of its associated themes and challenges as we look towards the future.


As we close out the year and prepare for a brand new year, let's tap into some spiritual guidance and support! For $33 you will receive an Angel Word to use as a manta for the upcoming year, a flower suggestion to support you, a stone or crystal suggestion to work with, a specific Angel or Guide to work with and support you, and a mini message from them to you.


All of this will be intuitively selected and channeled just for you and emailed to you or delivered via messenger within 48-72 hours. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE due to scheduling restrictions! This can be gifted with the information delivered to the recipient closer to the holiday as well.

Hello -Goodbye Package


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