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The Stairway to Heaven Session is designed to be a personal educational based session to help you identify and connect with your Angels, Guardians, and Guides, offering you your personal “Stairway to Heaven!”  

Each 90 Minute Session is geared toward teaching you to identify and communicate with your unique and specific Angels, Guardians, and Guides!  

Janelle will precede each 90 Minute Client Session by tapping into and tuning into some of your Angels, Guardians, and Guides through channeling in order to expedite the flow of the 90 Minute Client Session.  

You will receive a written description of your guides which came through during Janelle’s Channeling Session.  These sessions will have a guided meditative component to help clear your energy and foster this connection and allow you to connect with two to five spirit guides.  

The Stairway to Heaven Session lays the foundation for you to continue to work with your Spiritual Support Team on your own, moving forward!  Please note that there are no guarantees as to the number or type of guides that will come through for you and this is not a mediumship based experience, so your deceased loved ones and ancestors are unlikely to come through as specific Spirit Guides.  

60 Minute Refresher Sessions are also available should you need a lil more support, practice, or if you become stuck or frustrated in the communication process.  The Stairway to Heaven Session is a prerequisite to the Stairway to Heaven Refresher Session.  

Stairway to Heaven Sessions are available in person or remotely.

Stairway To Heaven

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