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Abundance Abounds!

Our Divine Download for March 19, 2024 is Jupiter/Abundance from the Starcodes Astro Oracle. Jupiter is the most benefic planet of the zodiac and is all about expansion, abundance, luck, and positive fortune. Jupiter is currently direct and has been since December 30, 2023, but he's an outer planet and a pretty big boy so even though he stationed direct on December 30th, it takes him a hot minute to actually start moving forward and get up to his normal speed. You may therefore be seeing some of the benefits and the abundance that Jupiter is bringing you which have been stuck in the retrograde pipeline begin to manifest now, if they have not already done so. It is no secret that we have had some specific and tricky astrology over the past several years that not everyone has loved or been super comfortable with, and all of which has been necessary for our spiritual growth and ascension, even though it has been far from comfortable or easy. Jupiter showing up for us is a reminder that we will see and we have earned our just desserts and our rewards for our patience, our steady progress, and our perseverance are en route to us and we will receive them as quickly and easily as we allow ourselves. Sometimes we inadvertently block ourselves from receiving by thinking that we are not worthy or deserving or believing that life is meant to be a struggle. (Pro tip: it's not!) Jupiter says that we deserve all that we have ever desired and conspires to bring all of those blessings and even more than we can possibly imagine into our lives as soon as we are ready and able to receive them. So are you ready? Are you able? If not, do whatever you have to do, because blessings are upon us!

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