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Accept All Of Your Beautiful Aspects

Our Divine Download for May 7, 2024 is Crone from The Sacred Cycles Oracle. Crone reminds you to accept yourself. She speaks of and teaches radical self acceptance. The ancient wisdom of the Crone is grown from a lifetime of learning. A lifetime of living and observing. A lifetime of devotion to the cycles of birth, death, and decomposition. It is wisdom steeped in a commitment to self-transformation. The Crone's medicine lies in the acceptance of all that is. A bone-deep acknowledgement of the seasons, phases, and fluctuations that define the experience of being human. Recognizing not only the pleasure but also the pain of what makes this existence ripe with wonder. She reminds you that welcoming the full spectrum of being human is the surest road to a liberated life. And that is precisely the greatest of the gifts that she has to offer: liberation. This is an invitation to embrace your human magic - the dark, the light, the present moment, and all that's beyond your mortal senses. Relinquish the need to understand (in other words: surrender!) and then release the notion of what has been or what should be, to find ease with what just is. Allow yourself to just be. Just as you are. No need for adjustments or modifications. Love and accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment without wishing or believing that you should be more, less, or in any way different. Ask yourself honestly "What aspects of myself are seeking acceptance?" Will you honor yourself by offering those aspects of yourself the acceptance which they seek?

Meditation is a wonderful way to grow your level of self acceptance, appreciation, and connection. If you have struggled with your meditation practice in the past, a Meditation & Me Session can help you with any challenges and blocks which may exist for you in the meditation space. Schedule Your Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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