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Synthesize Your Sensitivity

Our Divine Download for May 17, 2024 is White Tara/Sensitivity from The Goddess Guidance Oracle. White Tara says "You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals." We are not meant to stay the same. We are meant to change and grow, and evolve. And as we do so, the natural result of our evolution, regardless of which area we are evolving, is increased sensitivity. But we don't always connect those dots and realize the correlation or the causative factor. Sometimes, we may even continue to interact with what we have grown increased sensitivity to because we are resistant to even further change, but this is our reminder that it will not behoove use to continue to do so. In fact, we will probably merely increase our sensitivity even further. Honor yourself, your growth, your progress, your evolution. Honor where you are now and be willing to accept that it may cause you the need to make some different choices or shift and change some dynamics. It may feel hard or challenging to make those shifts or those different choices, but ultimately you will feel SO much better when you do. Your newfound sensitivity and your overall evolution will benefit you so much more than you can ever imagine, and it is proof of your growth and also an indication that wonderful things are coming to you because of your growth, evolution, and increased sensitivity! So be willing to make the changes and choices that you know you need to make to honor your newly sensitive self.

Karuna Reiki is deeply healing and can turn down the dial on our sensitivity a little as it promotes deeper levels of healing. Schedule Your Karuna Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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