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Accept, Believe, Receive Your Good Luck

Our Divine Download for October 13, 2022 is First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius/Believe In Your Good Luck. Believe is one of my very favorite words. Lucky and expansive Jupiter shows up for us again through happy go lucky Sagittarius to let us know that YES! Our good luck is absolutely real and YES! good fortune is upon us and it is here to stay. This is no fad, it is no passing fancy. This is the beginning of our new and different, and so much better and easier story. When this card comes up, our challenge is to continue to dream and to believe in our dreams, but also to continue to do the work, yes, even the hard work to bring our dreams into reality. That work, taking that inspired action and doing the footwork is exactly how we build our dreams into reality and why we can be so certain that they are in fact real. When we do the work and we take care of the small stuff, the big stuff tends to just sort of fall right into place. You can believe in your own good luck and be assured of your own luck without being arrogant about it. You also don't need to understand how or why this good luck is upon you now. You can accept it and believe in it without understand it completely. That's the beautiful part of belief and there is always a bit of a tie in with belief and faith. So have faith in this new chapter of your life that is meant to experience more ease and much better luck and know that just like the Sagittarius archer always shoots straight and clear with his arrows, what is for you will not pass you as long as you continue to do the work.

It can be difficult to believe in your newfound good luck when you have been challenged and perhaps not so lucky in the past. Your Angels will help you connect to and believe in your new chapter of good luck as well as help you to release the past during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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