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Accept Help & Protection

Our Divine Download for July 24, 2020 is Accept Heaven's Help and Protection from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. None of us like to wait. It's not usually one of our better developed skills as humans. But, in our own defense, we very much live in an instant gratification society so we've been conditioned to believe that we should have everything that we want nearly immediately. Time is not linear and it doesn't really work the way that our mere mortal minds like to believe that it does. It's bigger and more expansive than anything we can even imagine. So when we've prayed for something, when we've asked our Angels for help, when we've put it out there, we need to just take a breath and wait and trust that our prayers have been heard and our requests are being answered. When we are all up in doubt and the worry energy that is so pervasive, especially lately, it makes it harder for our answers, solutions, guidance, and support to come through to us. In fact, it blocks it, and makes it nearly impossible for it to get through. When we feel unsafe and we are in fear, it becomes that much harder and darned near impossible to get out of that cycle and allow our solutions and resolutions to manifest. These cards are a beautiful and timely reminder from our Angels that we are safe (We ARE SAFE!!!) and that we are protected by Heaven. In fact, these cards go as far as to reassure us of the safety of our loved ones and our possessions as well! Our Angels are asking us to get out of our own way, and to stop blocking our manifestations that we've prayed for and asked for. They're asking us to breathe in the energy of safety, trust, and reassurance, and to breathe out any worry and any doubt. They're acting us to lean into their support and to feel the safety that they guarantee us in this space. They're here to comfort us. They're here to reassure us. They're here to protect us. And they're here to help us (it's like their purpose!) Allow them to follow their purpose by willingly accepting their help and bask in the protected safety and support that you feel.

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