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Accept Your Darkness to Illuminate Your Soul

Our Divine Download for April 22, 2022 is Darkness from the Earthcraft Oracle. The light cannot exist without the darkness. We need both darkness and light in order to have balance in our lives as well as the world. But we spend so much time denying the darkness and even stuffing it down, pretending that it isn't there, that we often make it bigger and darker than it actually is and than it has to be. You may be blocking divine illumination and light through patterns of denial or a desire to ignore or even run away from a certain situation or specific feelings. It may seem easier to do this on the surface, but you can never truly run from yourself or your own inner darkness because wherever you go, there you are. Unhealed wounds from your past will slow you down. Do not allow these wounds to cause you to doubt yourself or your judgement or sense of direction, because the past is in the past and you did the best that you could with where you were and what you had at the time. You don't ever have to heal all at once. Sometimes simply slowing down and acknowledging the hurt or the darkness is often enough to begin a major transformation and see a glimmer of light peeking through the darkness. Create time and space for yourself to connect with and reflect the depths of your inner darkness. After all, you cannot heal or bring light to what you do not acknowledge. Your inner darkness exists for a reason. What is it saying to you? What does in need from you? What do you need to do to begin to bring light to it in a gentle and nurturing way?

Our Angels accept us, all of us, completely, even the seemingly darkest parts of ourselves. Connect with them and their light and allow them to illuminate your own darkness during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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