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Act For Your Attraction

Our Divine Download for February 14, 2024 is Attraction from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards. I feel like this card comes up for us almost every single time we use this deck! And it should! Because it is important to know what you are attracted to, not just from a romantic sense, but also everywhere in your life. We fall into so many habits and patterns and so much of our lives are spent in survival mode, just going through the motions, and that is simply not how we are meant to live. We NEED attraction to motivate us. We NEED to know what we love. We need to know what we do not love. We NEED to know what we are attracted to because we NEED to know what it is we want. If we don't know what we are attracted to and what we love, how can we possibly know what we want?! If you have lost touch with what you are and are not attracted to, that's okay! Because that just means you get to sort of try on everything in your life as though you are trying it for the first time in order to figure that out. And that can actually be a delightful experience. Sometimes it is helpful to go back and look at things through new eyes. So start looking. Start trying things on for size. Start noticing how you feel and how you connect with the things in your life. And in doing so, you'll figure out what you are attracted to and what it is you want in no time!

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