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Activate Your Action

Our Divine Download for January 18, 2024 is Action from the Self-Care Wisdom Cards. Action says "Baby steps are still steps and they're better than standing still." After the past three plus years with some not-so-serendipitous astrological aspects for timing, many of us have emerged feeling stuck and frustrated. Some of us may have felt so stuck or frustrated that we sat down like petulant toddlers and refused to move forward all together. That's cute and all, but the universe just isn't going to have that. It's telling us that we are coming into a time of action and that resting on our laurels (or throwing a tantrum) simply will not do. We need to be taking action steps. Even the seemingly teeniest, tiniest of action steps is still in fact an action step. If you aren't sure where to start, or how to break down the progress that you need or want to make into digestible bite-size chunks, connect with your guidance, connect with your guides and your Angels and ask them what in the heck you are supposed to be doing in order to get moving. They'll tell you. They'll guide you. They'll show you. But you have to be willing to actually take the action. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, maybe throw deuces to the frustrations of the past three plus years (and leave that shit where it belongs: squarely in the past) and get moving. Now is the time!

If you aren't sure what it means or what it looks like to connect with your guides, or who they even are, schedule a Stairway To Heaven Session to meet some of your guides and learn how to meaningfully connect with them. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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