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Adapting For Spiritual Growth

Our Divine Download for May 17, 2020 is Unity/Polar Bear from the Animal Tarot Cards. In other Tarot interpretations this is the Hierophant or the Pope. Major Arcana cards are kind of like trump cards would be in traditional playing cards. When they appear, they are like asterisks or exclamation points in readings, so we want to pay them a bit more heed. The Unity card is telling us that we need to seek out like minded individuals and groups to help us foster a sense of belonging and to take our spiritual growth and development to the next level. You can see one of our butterfly friends resting on the paw of the polar bear, seeking rest and wise council. We're emerging from our transformation, but we still have growth and learning ahead of us. Polar Bears are extremely adaptable because they live in harsh conditions. We're being called upon to be adaptable, and flexible at this time too. Polar Bears encourage us to deal with challenges in a flexible and contemplative way. Sometimes that may mean being black and white in our thinking and being willing and able to embrace absolutes and traditional methods. Other times we may need to be strategic in our thinking to come up with original plans and ideas. And often, these approaches can overlap during the same day, or even handling the same situation. Polar Bears live in a place that requires solitude and introspection, but also compassion and love for their children. By being open minded, and willing to adjust our plans and our approach, and being open to seeking out spiritual teachers and community (or to step into our role as teacher) when we are called to do so, we can have rich and rewarding spiritual lives focused on adaptability just like our Polar Bear friends.


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