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Affirm You ARE Lovable

Our Divine Download for February 18, 2021 is Your Deserve Love from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "You are lovable!" Well, you are. YOU. ARE. How true does that ring for you? Do you really, truly, deeply, honestly feel that in every fiber of your being??? If not, whatcha doing bout that?! Start with the affirmation "I am lovable. I am loved. I am loving." Say it. Out loud. Each and every day. Several times a day. Fake it til you make it. Because it is the God's honest truth. You are a child of the divine and perfectly created with all of your beautiful and unique imperfections. And in truth, you're pretty darn great, you know?! Don't blame yourself for negative experiences that you've had or harsh life circumstances you've endured. Your lessons didn't all come with choices as to how you learn them. You are not defined by your lessons. You are also not defined by your choices. So if there has been more than your fair share of harshness or negativity in your life up until this point, it's not because you deserve it. You deserve love. You deserve kindness. You deserve to be treated with respect. By everyone in your life. All of the time. Period. Your circumstances have not and do not render you any less worthy or deserving of receiving all of these things. This card reassures you of what you DO deserve. You deserve love. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Nothing and no one can or will every change that. So demand what you deserve. Start by demanding it from and for yourself. The aforementioned affirmation will help you believe the spiritual truth of your loving existence at a deep, unconscious level. The more your practice it, the more you affirm, the deeper that acceptance goes. This will lead to your attracting loving people, situations, circumstances, and relationships - all of which honors your divine right nature. And you for sure are worthy of and deserve that! You're deserving. You're worthy. You're love. Pure love baby.

Cut the cords to those past circumstances that ever suggested you were less than deserving of love with an Energetic Cord Cutting. Make space and create opportunity for what you do deserve. Book your Session Here!


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