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Affirming Soul Mate Relationships

Our Divine Download for February 14, 2021 is Soul Mate from the Romance Angles Oracle Cards with the message "Yes, this is your soul mate." We all have many soul mates throughout our lifetimes, of all differing types. Soul mates come together with a shared plan or goal for mutual personal and spiritual growth, or to grow a mutual more macrocosmic plan. Usually if you are wondering if someone is a soul mate of yours, just the curiosity which drives the question is enough to ensure a yes answer. We feel a soul level comfort and familiarity with out soul mates, a recognition which we cannot write off or shake off to coincidence. There is a bond that exists between soul mates which seems to transcend life times and planes of existence. We may not feel this recognition or comfort initially with all of our soul mates, but with true soul mates it always develops at some point in our relationship or dynamic with them. The term soul mate gets thrown around frequently that there has become a misconception that all of our deep or meaningful, heartfelt relationships must be with soul mates, and that's just nonsense. Sometimes people can even hold on so deeply to this idea of having to meet their soul mate, or to meet "the one" that they sabotage what could be truly wonderful and fulfilling relationships because they did not instantaneously have that spark of recognition or instant feeling of familiarity. The truth is that the ultimate love of your life may not be a soul mate at all, and that your soul mates may not be romantic in nature. But that doesn't preclude you from having amazing and wonderful connections both within and outside of your romantic relationships. We don't need to put the labels on things or try to make them fit neatly into categories of our choosing. This card validates for you that wonderful, fulfilling soul mate relationships absolutely will happen for you in this life time, even if you feel as though they haven't yet. AND this card also assures you that if you are not already in a deeply fulfilling romantic relationship that you absolutely will be (and if you are in a romantic relationship and maybe it has been feeling a bit less than romantic or fulfilling recently, fear not for better things are on the horizon either within your current relationship or in something new). Either way, this is another call to arms for us to focus on the deeper, more fulfilling relationships in our lives and to prioritize those soul mate relationships of all kinds. When we do that, we naturally attract more of these wonderful and supportive types of relationships into our lives, and what could possibly be better than that?

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