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Karma, What Karma?!

Our Divine Download for April 24, 2024 is Karma from The Divine Abundance Oracle Cards with the message "There's nothing from a past life that can't be addressed in the current life." Sometimes when people talk about past lives they do so as though they are victims of the circumstances of their past lives. That's nonsense. Even if you have no specific knowledge of what your past lives looked like or what specific karma you may be carrying form your past lives, every single one of us have karma from our past lives. We know from science class that matter cannot be created or destroyed. The same is true of energy. We are all energy. So therefore, even when we die, our souls, our energy, our karma, cannot be destroyed. So it's gotta go somewhere, and typically it is just recycled into our current life time. Often even without knowledge or connection, energy is passed down through our ancestral lineage, cellular memory, and ancestral dna. So whether it is our karma, or the karma of those who came before us, it's there, and it can be dealt with. How we choose to deal with it will vary from person to person and situation to situation. Whether or not you choose to deal with it is also up to each individual. If you don't choose to deal with it, and especially if you know it's there, know what it is, and choose to ignore it, the universe probably isn't going to be super cool with you just ignoring your karma. So figure it out. Ask for and receive some guidance from your Spiritual Support Committee. Once you make the decision to deal with your karma, trust that the universe will show you the way. Follow the action steps as you are guided to. You've got this. And that icky sticky karma won't have you anymore.

Sometimes the karma that we are tasked to deal with presents as negative cords of attachment stemming from our family or origin or our ancestral line which can be done through an Energetic Cord Cutting. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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Wow this could explain a lot . Not sure what my life was before but I must have been doing something wrong 😑. At least when I was younger I’m good now as I’m older I have a lot of good karma my way NOW . 🤔😳

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