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Air Out Your Perception

Our Divine Download for January 17, 2021 is Messenger of Air from The Good Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be considered the Page or Messenger of Swords, Winter, and Archangel Michael. Messengers or Pages in Tarot are all about the messages, about how information is coming into us and how we are perceiving it. The suite of air is a cerebral energy and has to do a lot with how and what we're thinking, or overthinking, as we usually are. Our Messenger of Air is asking us to form our opinions on the backs of our experience. She asks us to be aware of our allegiances to a particular way of thinking and asks us to consider how and if those are serving us. She asks us to evaluate our learned and conditioned responses to see if those are still in line with our personal evolution. She asks us to consider if we may have subconscious programming at play in the way we perceive information, form opinions, and respond. She also acts us to consider if our swift reactions or responses to information are appropriate and in our own best interest. She encourages us not be reactionary to any information or messages we may hear. She suggests that it is possible that we may need to broaden our perspective and our circle of influencers. She offers these affirmations to help us: "I am reacting to a situation from my past. I have to think about whether I want to do things the old way or respond differently this time." "I can adapt a new way of thinking and behaving." "If I am swift and move quickly, ensuring my actions are for the highest good, positive outcomes are assured." Air is a light element and our Messenger of Air would also like to see us lighten up our energy and our expectations regarding that which we hear and receive. The lighter we can be, even choosing to seek to find humor in challenging or difficult information, the more appropriately we can react. We also do not have to choose to devote our time and our thoughts to information, especially if it it will not serve us. The Messenger of Air also asks us to look at the sources of the messages we are receiving before we decide whether these are worth our time and energy to consider and potentially act on. It may also we worthwhile to evaluate your diet pertaining to what you hear and where you receive your messages from, and even take a break from that or consider some alternate sources.

It's easy for us to go on information overload these days and not be sure who or what to believe or what we should think about anything really. When that happens, it can be helpful to go back to the source and to connect to your guides and Angels who will steer you gently back towards your own inner voice and inner wisdom with an Angel Card Reading. Book yours today!

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