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Allow Mutually Cooperative Guidance

Our Divine Download for July 26, 2021 is Green Man/Synergy from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. We are entering a period of time where we have the advantage of incredible synergy. Synergy is "the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects." In this case, we are in the flow of life, and this flow, this energy, the synergy of spirit and nature, is guiding us and things will very much just seem to fall into place when we are able to tune into this lovely synergy and go with the flow. Our part in this great dance of life right now is to be centered and in balance, to allow ourselves to flow synergistically as we go about our day to day lives. We don't need to look for this synergy, and we do not need to chase it. It is here for us. Consider this synergistic period a time when we are in a mutually cooperative interaction with nature and spirit (who are in many ways one in the same). As we find our balance and center ourselves within our higher purpose, the will of spirit, our life purpose and our day to day tasks and missions align with out sense of purpose. This brings our life purpose, and our actions in line with the forces of nature. This is also a time of lovely synergistic potential between our ego and our spiritual awareness. There is so much synergy at play in our lives right now, especially when we prioritize balance, that our ego can't even argue anymore. Our ego will always have it's idiosyncrasies, but we can be so secure in the knowledge that our Higher Self is always looking our for us and our best interests, that we don't have to take our ego too seriously. During this time of greater synergy, it is important for us to tune into our guidance, whether that comes from spirit or through nature. If we are having trouble trusting or receiving that guidance, immersing ourselves in nature to allow us to recognize her spirit and hear her whispers is the remedy. Do whatever it takes to allow yourself to go with the flow right now and know that if you get carried away, it will be in the best possible way to the best possible place.

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