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Allow Tensions To Build Strength

Our Divine Download for March 18, 2024 is Square/Semi-Square/Quincunx/Tension from the Starcodes Astro Oracle. These three aspects are awkward, potentially confrontational, and urge us to grow as we reconcile disparate points of view. Square aspects act as if two horses are pulling at right angles, or two cars are colliding at a crossroads - needs collide and tension pulls between different priorities within or without. A square is formed by two planets that are 90 degrees apart and in the same modality (i.e. cardinal, fixed, or mutable), while a semi-square is formed by two planets which are 45 degrees apart. A quincunx is formed by two planets 150 degrees apart, from two signs that have neither polarity, modality, nor element in common. All three aspects share the energy of competition and could even be likened to two people elbowing each other, trying to elbow their way to the best or most important, or most noticeable position. These tense aspects take work, but do not avoid doing this work as it is an important and necessary part of your spiritual development. The challenge of these aspects is a workout of body, mind, or spirit, and workouts can be tiring. Take this opportunity to build strength and learn to reconcile the conflicts within. When you can resolve internal conflicts, it is easier to resolve external ones. This phase of your life may require some juggling or muscle building, and the careful coordination of competing needs. You may feel pulled between one path or another, and pushed to make a decision, but with some fancy timing and rhythm, you may find that it is possible to do it all.

When we have tense situations in our lives, we often internalize that tension in our bodies and hold it in ways that are not beneficial to us and block our forward progress. An Integrative Reiki Session can balance and release these tensions allowing us to move forward with greater ease. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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