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Allow The Universe To Guide Your To Better Balance

Our Divine Download for April 1, 2023 is Angel of Balance from the Energy Oracle Cards. This Angel talks about being centered and self-honoring your choices. Balance has been a big theme for us really for the past few years, yet it continues to come up time and time again. This card suggests that the universe itself is supporting us in being better balanced. And that we may need just a little bit of extra support right now in order to achieve and obtain balance in our lives. Even if things have been out of balance in the past, this card is assuring you that a greater equilibrium is not coming into your life. Remain conscious about how you are balancing your goals and your physical and emotional energy as well. When you feel yourself getting off center or losing focus, call upon the Angel of Balance and bring her intention into your heart and feel her support and receive her guidance. Your intuition will then lead you in the right direction, and the angels will guide you to a peaceful and centered approach. Receiving this card reversed can often be a warning of lost energy, calling you to relax more, sleep more, or even just drink more water. Investigate how you may be out of balance in your time and energy regarding the external and internal factors of your life. Affirm "I live a balanced and centered life. As I care for myself, the Universe cares for me also."

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