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Allow Your Dreams To Liberate Your Life

Our Divine Download for February 8, 2023 is Queen Mother Nanny/Liberation from the African Goddess Rising Oracle. Where do you most need to exercise the energy of liberation in your life? Break free. It's time. Hell, it's long past time! Your dreams hold the power and the keys to your liberation. You are freedom herself. Rise up and meet yourself in the space of this truth. You deserve to feel free. We are here to be in joy. There is no part of being in joy that matches the energy of feeling bound, stuck, or trapped. What do you imagine for yourself? Daring to manifest your dreams is a part of your personal liberation. You've had the power all along my dear. Find your own personal liberation codes within your soul's unspoken desires. Life is too short to live within someone else's story. Divine blessing and magic are on your side. Enjoying your freedom fully is the best gift to your ancestors and the best way to honor your divine right purpose. It's time to free yourself of the chains and binds of anything that is no longer, or has possibly never, served you in your life. How will you go about this liberation? How will you prioritize your liberation? You do NOT have to work on or work out the details of this liberation on your own. All of the universe has your back and is conspiring to help and support you in fulfilling your dreams as you march brazenly down your own path of personal liberation. Your Goddess Declaration is "My dreams empower me." So get to dreaming. And get to manifest those dreams!

Our Angels have our backs in liberation land and will gladly give us Spiritual Action Steps to further empower us and support our liberation during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today:Book Your Session HERE!

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