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Allow Yourself to Feel Safe

Our Divine Download for May 8, 2022 is Watched Over from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards with the message "I allow myself to feel safe and enjoy my life, knowing that heaven is watching over my loved ones and me." There is no reason to worry or be concerned about anything going on in your own life, or about any of your loved ones, anyone in your family of origin, or any of your deceased loved ones. This is your confirmation that all is well, everyone is safe, and everything is in divine perfect order. So often we forget that we are watched over and supported by the divine so we feel alone and vulnerable, and as though we have to do it all ourselves. When we try to watch over and protect ourselves, our loved ones, and all those in our lives by ourselves, we feel exhausted and dis-empowered. In order for us to allow ourselves to feel safe, we must embrace that inner knowing of connectivity and faith and allow the universe to support and protect us. It is necessary for us to trust and it is also necessary for us to surrender our illusion of control. We usually don't have much ability to control the outcomes of what happen to us or those around us, despite our best efforts, and try as we might, we usually don't have much ability to actually keep others safe. We're being reassured that not only are we safe, and not only are our loved ones safe, but we are actually experiencing extra protection in our lives right now. So lean into faith and connect to that safety, that protection, that beautiful reassurance that everything is exactly as it should me, exactly as it is meant to be, and that all is well. Allow yourself to feel safe and enjoy life.

Though this card offers reassurance that your loved ones are safe and cared for on all planes of existence, it can be reassuring to touch in with your deceased loved ones directly through a Mediumship Reading. Schedule Your Mediumship Reading Session Today:

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