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Allow Yourself To Receive

Our Divine Download for May 20, 2024 is Hathor/Receptivity from the Goddess Guidance Oracle with the loving reminder "Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others." For most people, it seems as though it feels easier to give than to receive. When we don't pay attention to this, we give, and we give, and we give, and we end up depleted (and sometimes resentful) and wondering why. What we often fail to realize is that when we do not allow others to give to us, and block ourselves from receiving, we are effectively denying them the joy of giving. Would you even refuse a gift from a small child? Even if it was a pebble or a dandelion, of course you wouldn't! You would graciously accept it and cherish it because your heart recognizes what it means for that child to give you their most precious gift. It really isn't any different for adults. So it's time to STOP being stubborn and STOP refusing the "gifts" that we are offered and be willing to receive them, graciously and with gratitude. The other thing that happens when we aren't as open to receiving as we need to be is that we are effectively telling the universe that we neither need or want anything, which delays or totally blocks our manifestations. So that's no good! If receptivity feels like a challenge to you, work on opening your arms and declaring to the universe that you are open to receiving. Parent yourself out loud and tell yourself that you ARE worth it and you DO deserve it (whatever it is!) because you absolutely are and you absolutely do! Be willing to do the work, whatever work you have to do, in order to allow yourself to receive graciously because great and wonderful things are waiting on the horizon for you.

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