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Always Perfect Timing

Our Divine Download for December 27, 2020 is Perfect Timing from The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. Ah, Timing. We're so very attached to timing and planning, and sometimes, our Angels and our guides would say we're downright obsessive about it! And it's not just about wanting things to happen sooner rather than later, nope! We want what we want, when we want it. RIGHT when we want it. Like NOW. But, here's the thing: time does not work the way our mere mortal minds try to make it work. It is not even linear! So sometime's timing doesn't "work out" as we want it to because things need to fall in line in other areas of space and time first. But, if you think about it, really do an honest inventory and assessment of the past, things have usually, if not always worked out how and when they were meant to for the greatest and highest good of all involved. We just don't like to have or hold this perspective because our society focuses so intensely on perfection and instant gratification. When we obsess about the timing of things, when we focus on perfection, and we do so holding strong and fast to that worry energy, and worse, to that controlling energy, we actually push the timing of our manifestations further away from us! So we're literally doing the exact thing we do NOT want to be doing. Talk about self sabotage! This card appears as a guarantee from our fairies that what we have been concerned about will absolutely manifest in it's Divine Right Time. Will you trust that? Will you choose faith over fear? Will you accept their reassurance and take bold action steps in faith in the directions of your dreams? Because that is the other part of their message for you today: now is the time to move. Right now. Right this very second! Decide to take action steps forward (even one will do!) and take them! The timing is as perfect as it's going to get and taking action now guarantees smooth sailing and synchronistic results as you move forward! Please don't waste this opportunity! Choose faith over fear and invest in yourself in the most meaningful way that you possibly can: through meaningful action towards your bright and beautiful future!

The timing of this entire year wasn't so great for just about anybody (pandemics are like that!) so if you're stuck thinking about and worrying about, analyzing and dissecting the hows and whys of everything that has transpired this year, perhaps you need a little help looking forward towards all of the potential of the future. A Hello/Good-Bye Package can offer you upliftment and help you do just that. Grab yours today Here!


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