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Amazing Things Are Coming To Your NOW!

Our Divine Download for May 16, 2023 is Patience from the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards. Mother Mary says "I trust in Divine timing." There are many of you reading this who bristled upon merely reading the p-word (yeah, I know, I said it. Never a fan favorite in a reading!) There are even some of you who responded to the statement "I trust in Divine timing" with "the fuck I do!" It is one of the hardest aspects of the human condition and our existence to understand and learn to appreciate and accept that time does not exist that way that our mere mortal minds have tried to make it. It is essentially a false construct that was created to try to help us make sense out of something that our human brains may not be capable of understanding. But we sure have bought into that false construct hook like and proverbial sinker. I hear all of the time from my clients, my family, my friends things like "it's taking so long..." "I wasted my time..." "It's never going to happen..." Etc., etc., etc. But that's all bullshit. Because what's for you will not pass you. Read that again. Commit it to memory. Affirm the hell out of that particular golden nugget of truth. The Patience card wouldn't be showing up for us to tell us that something wasn't happening or wasn't on it's way or wasn't en route to us. It's letting us know that our prayers are being answered! It's all happening. It's coming! But not quite yet. It's also important to keep in mind when the patience card shows up that sometimes it does so because what it's actually saying is that we have to hang tight a little bit linger because we are actually going to receive something EVEN better than what we asked for, and that super does of amazingness is just taking a little longer in the human time scale than we maybe wanted to wait. But it's going to be SO very worth it!

Our Angels know that patience is not our biggest or best virtue and are happy to provide us with some personal reassurance pertaining directly to the situations in our lives during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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