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Ask and Behold the Answers

Our Divine Download for May 25, 2021 is Answers from the Spellology Oracle Cards. Ah, answers. We ALL want answers don't we? In fact, if we're really being real about it, we feel we are entitled to answers all of the time, and we throw various forms of tantrums if and when we don't receive the answers that we are seeking. But it doesn't stop there. We don't just want answers. We want our questions, our inquiries, our curiosities to be answered the way that we want them answered and we don't much like it when we don't get the answers we want, or those that we seek. The timing is favorable now for us to receive the answers that we seek. *IF* we ask the right questions! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo. Yeah, we're just not going to receive answers when we insist on asking questions for things that are either none of our business, or really, truly, ultimately have nothing whatsoever to do with us. The answers that we are likely to receive now answer questions and inquiries from our hearts and our souls rather than our heads. If you have been frustrated, feeling as though you are chasing your tail and have felt that the answers that you are seeking are out of your reach, check in with yourself and adjust your question. Usually when answers fail to come to us, it is because we simply are not asking the right question, or do not have the right focus. Any time we are focused on others rather than ourselves, we are unlikely to receive any kinds of answers. We are not supposed to be so invested in others that we have any inquiries about them, or situations that we are not immediately involved or invested in or with. We need to focus in on ourselves. We need to seek out only the answers that matter to us on a heart and soul level. We need to open ourselves to receive the answers that the Universe is willing to provide, and not just reject the answers that we don't like. Open yourself to receive whatever the universe is willing to provide. The more open you can be, the more you are likely to receive. Challenge yourself to be open, hold yourself accountable to ask the "right" questions, and enjoy receiving your answers from the universe.

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