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Ask And Ye Shall Receive Healing

Our Divine Download for January 13, 2021 is Healing Energy from The Angel Guide Oracle. Look at all that glorious green energy in the Angel's wings on this card! All of the glorious green is healing energy that is surrounding you and available to you and all situations in your life. This healing energy can and will literally heal everything, if you allow it to. Have you asked for healing where you feel that you need it in your life? (Hint: ASK!) While healing energy is always present and available to you, pulling a card such as this one indicates that extra special, extra healing energy is even more available to you now than it might normally be and encourages you to notice it, to accept it, to embrace it! If you have had any worries or any concerns about things that need to be healed within your own life, or pertaining to your own health, this is your reassurance that all is well and that there is truly nothing to worry about. If you have been worried about the physical or emotional health of others, this is also your sign to simply ask for this healing energy to be accessible to them as well and surrender to the knowing that the healing has taken place (or soon will). Remember when it comes to the healing of others, they always have free will choice to accept or rejects healing or healing energies. We also sometimes for get to ask for healing in other areas of our lives. Our finances can receive healing. Our pets can receive healings. Our homes and the dynamics within out homes may be healed. Our vehicles, our appliances, our government, the economy, our planet - all are able to receive healing. But, in order for these healings to occur, in order to take full advantage of the healing energy that is available to us now, we must first ask for the healing to occur in all of the areas of our lives that we want to be healed. Sometimes people talk themselves out of asking because they either to not feel worthy, or they feel as though they are bothering the Angels or the Universe by asking for something as seemingly small or insignificant as their own healing. But rest assured that space and time do not work the way our mere mortal minds try to understand it or make it work, so healing energy is available to us and everyone else at this same moment in time. We are not taking away from others by asking for ourselves. So ask. Ask and heal. Ask and be willing to notice. Ask and be willing to receive the great glorious healing energy available to you now.

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