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Avoid Your Emotional Tsunami

Our Divine Download for November 11, 2020 is Tsunami/Wake-Up Call from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Tsunamis are triggered by underseas disturbances or events (i.e. earthquakes or volcanic eruptions) which often go unnoticed at their source and even on the open seas. What disturbance are you experiencing at your very core which you have allowed to go unnoticed? Are you prepared for the massive waves of destruction of this inner event to slam into your shores, or the shores of others? When we don't take the time and make it part of the practice of our lives to experience and process our emotions in real time, and we shove them off and down, these are the catalysts for those seemingly "minor" disruptions below our surface. But make no mistake about it, they will grown in speed and volume seemingly unnoticed within the vessel of our physical being until they slam into the shores of awareness and cause major, massive, catastrophic disruption to us, and anyone who has the misfortune of being in our vicinity at the time the event makes landfall. This is your wake up call. Do not wait. Do not put off dealing with and actually feeling, experiencing your emotions. Do not allow them to boil over and rise up causing you potentially significant loss or dramatic events. It's time to draw back the veil of avoidance and denial and see our feelings and our experiences for what they really are so that we can feel them how they really are too. You may have even experienced some foreshadowing that this was happening, or that this event, this release, this process was coming. But you can't put it off any longer. You cannot negotiate your wake up call - when it's time it's time. It's time. Check in with yourself. Free the emotional turmoil that lurks beneath the surface. Stop making it bigger than it is . Just let it be. Take the time to lean into it, to feel into it. It probably won't be as bad as you have made it to be in your mind. Tune into the ebb and flow of your emotions and make the time, take the time, to allow for the necessary release so that the elements within you do not become conducive to a major storm or a cataclysmic event. It's easier to go with the flow, to learn to surf the waves that will crest, rather than to let the massive raging storm take you (and everyone around you) under.

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