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Balance and Cleanse With Water

Our Divine Download for April 27, 2023 is Rain/Purification from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Rain cleanses and purifies whether it's through a light shower or an absolute deluge. Even the air smells fresh after a good rain. It also brings clean water which provides needed sustenance for plants, animals, and humans. Anything that is purged makes way for new life to appear. You are being tasked to purify your mind, body, and spirit by interacting with the water element. Purify your mind by identifying a prominent belief you carry about yourself that inhibits you from being fully engaged in life or from showing up 100 percent of the time. Purify your hear by allowing yourself to breathe in and out blessing and forgiveness so that you can love even more deeply. Let yourself feel your grief - truly feel it - so that the rivers of your tears become mini baptisms that help to heal the wounds in your soul. If necessary, detoxify your body, which is known to be the temple and the seat of the soul, by changing your diet, doing a cleanse for a few days, or simply drinking more water. Increasing the daily amount of water you drink with deep appreciation for its purpose will revitalize your spirit. It is no wonder that in some indigenous languages, water is called "lifeblood," as it is so essential to every form of life on Earth. Take time to purify yourself. Allow the proverbial rain, allow the water to cleanse and balance you body, mind, and spirit. It's time to come clean.

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