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Banish Fear Through Balance

Our Divine Download for August 13, 2020 is "Balance Spirituality and Practicality/Full Moon in Pisces" and "Work through your fears/New Moon in Scorpio" from the Moonology Oracle Cards. Fear is a normal part of the human existence. Our ego uses fear to keep us alive. The problem is that our ego's natural response to pretty much every unknown is rooted back to the dawn of time when literally every unknown stood a pretty darned good chance of actually killing us. So out ego is conditioned to meet unknowns by screaming "OMG - it's the worst thing every and you're going to DIE!" at us. Handy, for a time when everything was out to kill us, not so useful now. But we can begin to decondition our ego and mitigate it's obnoxious screaming by shining the full moon lights of both practicality and spirituality on it. Practicality is when you meet your fear, examine it and actually tell yourself (because your ego is a part of you) "that's not an accurate or appropriate fear." It's talking yourself down or talking yourself out of it. And a practical, inner dialogue and on-going analysis of what it is you're actually afraid of is not only healthy but empowering. Often times we don't even know what it is that we are afraid of and even meeting our fear in a place of practicality, we might still be unclear. That's when the spirituality side of the coin comes into play. Angels exist to help humans. It's their divine rite mission, their life purpose, and it brings them joy. But so often, we don't commune with them, down't talk to them, and don't ask for their help which ties their hands because due to the unwavering law of freewill choice they cannot help us unless we ask. Under any circumstances, period. So ask! "Angels, I'm afraid. Please help me with this." "Angels, I'm afraid, please help me gain clarity as to why." "Angels, thank you for allowing me to have a balanced healthy relationship with fear. Thank you for helping me understand the things that I fear and to act when necessary." "Angels, thank you for helping me not to be paralyzed by fear. Thank you for encouraging me and inspiring me to take appropriate action when necessary." These are just a few examples of ways that you can communicate with your Angels about your fear. Spirituality can play a huge role in mitigating fear and anxiety. So many spiritual practices can help to alleviate the cycle of fear including meditation, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, chi gong, etc. It's time to start examining your fear to realize that there's truly nothing to fear except fear itself.

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