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Be A Self-Care Goddess

Our Divine Download for October 13, 2020 is Aphrodite/Inner Goddess from the Goddess Oracle Cards with the message "Awaken the goddess within you through dance, self-care, and appreciating your divinity." How well do you connect with the idea that you are a goddess? Or that you have an inner goddess even? Most of us have more than a little work to do there. But, it makes sense right? We are children of the Divine, we are all one, so therefore, how could we not have inner goddess energy at the very least? Aphrodite's marching orders to us are pretty clear. It's time to get out dance on. So make time each and every day just to simply experience moving your body in a rhythmic way. Maybe even have a little fun with it to?! Self-care is usually where we start to lose it. It's such a buzz word and a term that we like to throw around, but what does it really mean to us? Self-care looks different for each of us. For some of us it may mean scheduling and organizing and meal planning. For others it may be massages. Regular exercise is a key component of self care for many. Getting enough sleep is another way we can care for ourselves. The list truly does go on and on. The common denominator there for all self care is that we have to check in with our fine selves and see what we truly need right now. Self-care also isn't static and will not look the same today as it did in January or it does next year. Self-care is fluid and requires us to be in touch with ourselves regularly and thoroughly enough to be able to know what it is we most need at any given time. And being in touch with ourselves, recognizing and actively seeking to care for our own needs is a perfect foundation to appreciating our own divinity. In order to appreciate it, we must recognize it. We must recognize that we are from the Divine and therefore are in fact Divine ourselves. And we must accept this. This acceptance can be and often is the harder part of the program, especially when there are so many people around us who are oh so very eager to remind us that they do not accept or believe in our divinity. Hint: they likely don't accept or believe in their own either. So learn to say to hell to those people and their silly, uneducated opinions. They don't know who you are. Not truly. Not wholly. They don't know that you are pure magic. They don't know your talents. They don't know your heart. They don't see your soul. You don't really want those fools worshiping at your temple of self anyway!

Get back to your appreciating and celebrating your fine goddess self with a Back to Basics Reading which will guide you to focus on the specific self care you need right now. Book a Session!


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