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Be Still Within The Veil Of Confusion

Our Divine Download for April 23, 2023 is Fog/Veiled from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. In it's most basic definition fog is simply a low cloud of water crystals that hasn't gained the density of raindrops (that's a thing you know now. You're welcome!) The thicker it is, the more it shrouds us in dampness and we all know that it can be so thick that it can be nearly impossible to see even what is directly in front of us. But, no matter how thick the fog may be, we know that it will always burn off as the sun's rays infiltrate the veil. When we are enmeshed in confusion and uncertainty, we can feel unsure that it will ever clear up. This is especially true because humans are all about instant gratification and the fog lifting isn't always quick or guaranteed to follow any particular time line. This is not the best time for us to be making decisions, especially major ones. The foggy veil, whether it be metaphorical or literal will eventually dissolve. Although there may be ways that you are unconsciously contributing to this state of uncertainty, the bigger picture is that this is simply a cycle that you are moving through, and like all things, this too shall pass (hmmmm.... it doesn't feel as though it has been all that long since that has been mentioned here...). Allow yourself to feel confused - in fact, decide to be confused! No matter what attempts you make right now to make things happen or to move in any specific direction out of impatience or frustration, you risk only creating more confusion and uncertainty which is the exact opposite of what you actually want to do. So be still and be patient (yeah, I said the "p word.") Wait for the first glimmer of awareness to lift the veil so that you can see the choices before you more clearly and can then choose to align yourself with the will of the divine.

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