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Become Aware of Your Abundance

Our Divine Download for September 8, 2022 is Awareness and Abundance from the Angelic Messenger Cards. This is another one of those two-fer type readings that really speaks for itself. Awareness and Abundance are concepts that marry beautifully and always walk hand-in-hand. When we are aware of the abundance that already exists in our lives, we change our energy and we attract more abundance because our awareness changes our energy and shifts our focus. We ALL have abundance in our lives. Not one of us starved or died yesterday. We all had enough. We all likely had more than enough. Somewhere along the lines our society really skewed our thinking and our perception causing us to believe that if we effectively do not have everything that we want right now we are not abundant. Well, quite frankly, that's just bullshit. You want to know how to get everything that you want? It's simple really: build in a strong awareness of what you already have and pepper that with a healthy dose of gratitude. Boom. The fact is that we live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe. There is more than enough for each and every single one of us to have more than enough. There is actually more than enough for each and every one of us to have all that we could every want. Truly. That is how abundance works. There will always be people who cannot and do not focus on the abundance present in their life - poverty consciousness is not only a challenging construct, but it is one that is past down through circumstances and generations through cellular memory and ancestral dna. Good times. But, all it takes is awareness and a commitment to continue that awareness to shift your abundance mindset and to bring abundance into your life. Be aware of your abundance and be as abundant as you dare to be.

Sometimes we do need to cut the negative cords of attachment to those people in our lives or those ancestors who came before who passed down the biggest pieces of scarcity pie and poverty consciousness. Energetic Cord Cuttings allow you to do just that while maintaining and enhancing the positive connections between you and those who came before. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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