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Big News: Everything's Okay!

Our Divine Download for March 30, 2024 is Everything's Okay from the Angels & Auras Oracle. Well, phew! But really, truly, everything is actually a-ok. This card speaks of Reassurance, Support, Guidance, and being Overseen. This card is actually telling us that not only is everything okay, but it may be getting even better. There's an obvious nod to the universe bringing you big news, as it says on the letter in the mailbox. Between that and the angel numbers (444) that are on the side of the mailbox, as well as the angel on the stamp, this is also a message reminding us to be on the lookout for signs and signals from the universe. At the same time, the flag being in the upwards position on the mailbox is also reminding us that we need to be communicating with our angels and with spirit on a regular basis to make sure that they can bring us that big news and those signs that everything is okay in return. The more actively we communicate with spirit, the more actively spirit will communicate with us and part of that will be in the form of bringing in those lovely signs and messages that we all want more of. When you look at the challenges and alleged problems in your life, really look at them through the lens of spiritual perception and ask yourself if those challenges will matter in 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years. Chances are they won't. So that sort of proves that everything is already okay despite any perceived challenges. So choose faith over fear. Lean into the reassurance of your angels. Lean into the reality that good news is on its way. It's all happening baby!

Our Angels know that sometimes a mere Divine Download doesn't suffice to offer the amount of reassurance that we currently may feel that we need. They're happy to expand on that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and bathe you in the reassurance that you desire. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session Here!


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