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Blow Away All That Holds You Back

Our Divine Download for April 5, 2024 is Wind/Change from The Sacred Medicine Oracle. The winds of proverbial change are blowing today. What changes are calling to you that you may have been resisting? This card comes forward to lead you in a new direction. You may have been or felt stagnant and stuck, but that's because you didn't need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. There are certain areas in your life where you are holding on tight - too tight. Release the need to attempt to control the outcome of your life and let the winds take you to new heights. You have an opportunity to free yourself from the past and step into a more supported vision, and a more supported life. You are gently reminded to ask for the help that you are so worthy of receiving. The wind sweeps through to bring a huge release, and you are gifted wings to take flight and soar towards ease. The energy is quickening all around you, time is speeding up. As you let go, you are able to move in a new direction faster than ever before. Allow this wind spirit to life you up so that you may release all that is heavy and holding you back. It's time for you to be free. BE. FREE. Choose to be free from all that binds you and has bound you, whatever it may be. Imagine a force of nature, like an energetic tornado swoops in and surrounds you in a sacred healing portal. Your ancestors guard and protect this space. You are safe. They hold their hands up around this tornado, sending their unique medicine to help break you free of any chains or tethers that are holding you back. Immense warmth and unconditional love flood your body with the reminder that you are safe and all is well. It's okay for things to shift at this time; in fact, it is necessary. Use the healing affirmation "I allow the winds of change to carry me toward a new and aligned direction."

Our Angels understand our resistance to change and our need to attempt to control our lives and will gently guide us as to how to let go without feeling overwhelmed or out of control during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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