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Breath In Your Peace

Our Divine Download for April 4, 2022 is Forest/Breath from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Our breath is one of the biggest and most powerful tools that we have and the greatest thing about our breath is that it is always with us. We rarely breathe as we are supposed to or even intended to. We hold our breath, we clench up and block the natural rhythm and flow of our breath, and when things really amp up we can even force our breath in shallow spurts causing ourselves to hyperventilate. And it's no good. The forest is one of the most vibrant and alive places on the planet and is the living embodiment of breath. You don't even see trees blocking the natural rhythm or expression of their respiration. This is part of the reason that we feel so alive when we visit the forest because we experience a subconscious reminder to breathe as we were intended. Everything in the forest is lush and alive and we feel energized and rejuvenated when we have the opportunity to share that space. Imagine how much more alive we could feel if we allowed our breath to flow as it is naturally meant to. Take some time today to mindfully become aware of your breath. Don't judge, don't try to correct. Just be the mindful observer and notice if there are any patterns. If you so choose, you may then utilize the observations that you made to make adjustments to your breath. You can also simply comment to breathing more fully and more deeply more often throughout your day. Notice the sense of peace that envelops your body when you connect with your breath. This peace is your natural state of being.

Flower Therapy Healing is another way that we can connect to nature and balance and restore the natural rhythms and patterns of our bodies utilizing fresh cut flowers which you get to keep following your session. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Healing Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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