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Breathe & Let Go To Grow

Our Divine Download for March 2, 2023 is Moss/Adaptability from the Messages From The Spirits of Nature Oracle. When we are involved in situations that require a high level of adaptability and flexibility due to changing circumstances, we can feel frustrated and even angry more often than we'd like because we feel out of control. It is difficult not to feel constantly victimized by circumstances. In the height of change, and in the shadows of an every changing world looming all around us, we find ourselves clinging to familiar routines and ritualistic behaviors in attempt to find security in predictability because we crave safety. When we let go of expectations we can better adapt effectively to the current changes within our lives and our situations. Remember that most things in life are not catastrophic, even those which may go so far against the grains of our perceived plans that they may initially feel so. They feel so because we think them so. Whatever is happening, this too shall pass. This is always true, regardless as to whether the changes that we are going through are good, bad, or indifferent. When there are moments of calmness, practice breathing slowly and rhythmically - it is also important to breathe more deeply than you typically do (we all tend to be shallow breathers and breath holders, especially in moments of stress and change). When you practice these deeper, slower, more rhythmic breaths when you are calm, you will literally breathe more easily when plans do go awry and you need to be more adaptable. Just like moss, it is also important for us to drink plenty of water to ensure that we are best able to go with the flow.

Our Angels will help us be as adaptable as possible and reassure us regarding any situations taking place in our lives during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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