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Breathe Your Way To Flexibility & Strength

Our Divine Download for January 29, 2023 is Willow Spirit/Flexibility from The Sacred Forest Oracle Cards. Willow trees are strong and quite adaptable given their usual proximity to the water and shorelines in particular. We are being asked to have that same degree of strength and flexibility right now. Flexibility is something that we don't always do super well. We *THINK* that we are flexible, but we put all kinds of stipulations on our flexibility. I'll be flexible but... (here's a hint: when we say but, we're not actually being flexible, rather we are dictating to the universe exactly how we want to expect things to go, which rarely works). Or we like to say that we'll be flexible "when." Same thing, different conditions. Flexibility asks, demands really, that we go with the flow and be as adaptable as we can possibly be. And that would be the flow of the universe, not our flow! We cannot be flexible in theory but rigid in reality. It just doesn't work that way! Flexibility is sort of an all or nothing type of endeavor. We need to be as flexible as we possibly can be, like yogis or like gumbi. The more we try to force our will, the more we try to dictate or place restrictions or stipulations on the universe, the less flexible we are actually being. Breath is a crucial piece to flexibility. Our breath allows us to breathe into situations and circumstances and in some case to breathe right through them. Breath allows us to be more flexible than we ever imagined that we could be and it supports our muscles, our minds, and all of our efforts. When you are feeling challenged to be flexible, just breathe. When you are feeling challenged to be strong, your breath will support you there too. Your strength and your flexibility and intrinsincally linked and your breath supports both. So just breathe!

Our Angels understand our need to control and can help us take guided Spiritual Action Steps towards both strength and flexibility during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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