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Celebrate and Dance

Our Divine Download for November 6, 2020 is Dance/Celebration from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. Dance used to be a much bigger part of many cultures. Not only were celebrations centered around dance, but dance held and integral and sacred part in ancestral connection and cultural story telling. We are being encouraged to celebrate and to mark an enjoy this celebration through dance. Too often we talk ourselves out of celebrating because our accomplishments are grand enough, we didn't do it fast enough or soon enough, the timing isn't right for whatever manufactured reason that we may come up with, or simply, we just don't feel like it. We are on this planet at this time to enjoy our time here while we learn and grow at a soul level. We're here to be in joy. Celebration is an integral part of joy. Dance and rhythmic movement allows our bodies to balance and integrate our learning and opens spaces within us for additional learning. At those times when we don't feel like celebrating, those are the times that we most need to celebrate. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate how far you've come. And celebrate your capacity and potential because it is vast, it is infinite, and that is worthy of being celebrated. Challenge yourself to see how you can incorporate dance and celebration into your everyday life.

Our ego and the outer world likes to put blinders on us especially pertaining to our accomplishments which makes it difficult to see and feel those celebration worthy traits within each of us. Our Angels see us clearly through the eyes of love and will help us reconnect with the truth of who we are and encourage and inspire us to celebrate ourselves and they're happy to do that for you during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session!

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