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Celebrate Your Unique Interdependence

Our Divine Download for February 26, 2024 is If A Cat Curls Round the Moon from The Dream Weaver's Oracle. The cat is one of the most independent creatures on the face of the Earth. Except when they're not (as anyone who has ever had a cat will tell you lol!) So it may be more accurate to say that the cat is one of the most interdependent creatures on the planet. We're being encouraged to take our cues from the cat right now because as people we need each other. We weren't meant to live life on our own, and now we're being wholly supported by the universe as being the unique being that you are. You are being gently and lovingly reminded that you are able to love and be loved, and be yourself. You are also being nudged to allow healthy interdependence to replace the icky sticky uncomfortable quality of draining and imbalanced codependent relationships. When a cat curls round the moon, it's a sign to step back and assess what you really want, how you really feel, and how you want to feel. Only then can you step fully forward and when once you step back and assess, with the willingness to honor your assessment, you cannot go wrong. This is a time to celebrate your uniqueness, honor your natural need for interdependence, and be willing to assess the dynamics within all of your relationships.

Our Angels know that often relationships are at the crux of our inquiries for many reasons and they will gladly assist us in assessing the nature of our relationships during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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