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Celebrate Your Unique Qualities

Our Divine Download for April 30, 2021 is Moldavite/Unconventionality from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Your unique qualities are an important part of your life's purpose. It's okay to feel and be different from others." I laughed when I pulled this card because moldavite has been making it's rounds through the metaphysical communities and generating buzz again. Moldavite, being a stone that comes from meteors is definitely unconventional and possess a unique energy that is not for everyone. And that's okay! Just like moldavite may not be for everyone, you are unique and your individuality is to be valued and prized rather than regretted or rebuked. If we all thought alike and behaved alike, what a boring, miserable world we would live in. Each and every single one of us possesses unique talents and gifts that we bring to the world to make it the most diverse and most interesting place possible. But we're not exactly taught as children, or as a society to value that which is unique and different. Unconventional can be a slightly more polite way to say weird. But that's the whole point! What is weird? I mean, if we really want to break things down, we live on a spherical planet which spins on it's axis and orbits around a giant ball of gas. Call me crazy, but that sounds a little weird to me. Weird is nothing more than perspective. Unconventional is nothing more than different from what you may have previously know or assumed. Embracing your uniqueness, and your unique qualities and talents is not only part of your life's purpose, but it's part of your responsibility as a citizen of Earth. The world needs the unique and wonderful things that you have to offer. Who are you to say otherwise? How do you know? If we are all unique (we are!) and we are all different (we are!) doesn't that then bond us in the commonality of our uniqueness? Whoa. You mean by being more ourselves we can better connect with others?! Absofuckinglutely. So take a page out of moldavite's playbook and get your unconventional on. Be uniquely, unapologetically, gloriously you!

Accepting our uniqueness can feel challenging when we've come from families or origin who may have valued conformity over unconventionality. Break those barriers to full and beautiful self expression down with an Energetic Cord Cutting to remove the negative cords of attachment that we have to those erroneous beliefs. Book Your Session Here:


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