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Change Is Beautiful

Our Divine Download for February 1, 2024 is Butterfly Maiden/Beautiful Change from the Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle Cards. So we know that we've been changing. It hasn't always felt gentle or easy, but it's been happening nonetheless. Now is a time when we will continue to change and ascend, but it is going to feel good this time. It's going to feel beautiful. Because the changes that we are on deck to experience are going to be beautiful. This is the energy and the season that we are coming into. The Butterfly Maiden also reminds us that when we expect the outcomes of the changes that we are going through to be beautiful, they will be. Intention is SO powerful, it really is everything sometimes. When we resist the changes that we are meant to go through and grow through, we tend to not have the proper outlook that there are beautiful changes on deck for us. We also then do not flow through the changes with the same grace that we might if we did have the proper outlook. So even when the change might feel big or scary, affirm "All is well. Everything is happening exactly as it should. I am right where I am meant to be. I am safe." Because you are. And it's beautiful. And the beauty that awaits you will simply astound you!

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