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Change is Upon You

Our Divine Download for September 19, 2023 is Fire Tom from The Mystical Cat Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this card would be considered the knight of fire, knight of wants, knight of spring, and knight of Archangel Gabriel. The knight cards in tarot are all about how the speed of the matter or situation is moving. Fire is a fast moving element, so we are being put on notice that certain situations in our lives are about to get moving, very soon, and very quickly. With fire, unlike with air, the movement that we experience once it starts, is likely to be more of a sustained movement because fire spreads and once it is blazing, it is pretty hard to put out (and sometimes this type of movement can be impossible to stop!) Air is also a quick moving element, but it likes to blow in and out without much to sustain it. Sometimes the type of rapid change that can be foretold with the Fire Tom card can feel a little bit jarring, and it can even feel as though things are moving too quickly (which is often ironic after we've been desperate for things to move and change for so long). The Fire Tom is also saying to you that even in the midst of these fast moving and/or sudden changes, it is still okay to take a minute to get your bearings and think through and make any necessary and relevant decisions. Give yourself grace to process through the fast paced changes that are coming into your life.

Our Angels understand how overwhelming it can be for us when things change quickly in our lives as humans are not particularly fond of change and will gladly support us in any changes in our lives during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session TODAY!

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